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Rounding out flavors

Stimulate all your senses with a variety of smell, color and taste. In a simple and accessible way.


1. Taste

Give your dishes a flavor boost. Play with sweet, bitter, salty, umami and sour to find the perfect combination. It's the simple trick to make your meal irresistibly delicious. Discover the magic of these five flavors and make every meal a feast for your taste buds.

3. Nutritional value

Give your body the right fuel with a balanced meal consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Choose pure and unprocessed products as much as possible to provide yourself with the right energy, essential vitamins and minerals. In this way you support the optimal functioning of your body.

2. Color

Enrich your plate and your health with the vibrant energy of a varied and colorful meal. Vary with vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs for color on your plate. This brings pleasure to your eyes and gives your body a healthy boost.

4. Experience

Simply enjoy a complete and healthy meal as a boost for your body. With every bite you not only taste the delicious flavors, but you also feel the energy of this meal. A balanced meal is not only nutritious, but is also tasty and gives you a satisfied feeling.

A complete meal

With the following ingredients you can create a meal with taste, color, nutritional value and experience


Protein source



Herbs & Spices

Preparation & Attention

Lente-ui in de volle grond

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