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About me

Hello, here you can read more about my path to vitality and my motivation to help others with this

  • I love cooking and I get very excited about new flavor discoveries in the kitchen

  • The end of my martial arts career was the beginning of finding my passion

  • I am trained as a coach and advisor in the field of nutrition, physical and mental health

  • I have switched from a plant-based diet to a whole food diet with fruit and vegetables in the leading role

My health journey

My personal discipline and perseverance were formed on the tatami. I discovered my talent for karate at a young age and experienced highlights at European Championships. My goals were clear at that moment, I trained with dedication and an adapted lifestyle to win my competitions.


I exchanged my karate uniform for kickboxing gloves for a few years. Another martial arts discipline in which I also competed. Until I threw in the towel and shifted my focus to my professional career in marketing and communications.


With my retirement from competitive sport, my personal search for a new rhythm began. Despite my efforts in various positions, I realized that the energy I was looking for in this work was lacking. My joy lay elsewhere, namely in movement and nutrition.

As I focused on movement and nutrition, I realized the importance of mental health for full vitality. Mental training helped me look at goals differently and better understand habits and beliefs. This journey of discovery has brought me more balance.

From passion to professionalism

I increasingly asked myself the question: How can I work professionally with my passion for nutrition and exercise? And how can I help others in their personal search for a vital life? The idea of a career change was exciting, but I wanted to discover where my job satisfaction lay and what really gave me energy.


My career change started in The Netherlands with my studies in whole food advisor and stress & burn-out coach. All essential aspects of vitality were discussed. From healthy food to leading a meaningful life. After successfully completing these studies, I combined my acquired knowledge and practical experience with my personal health journey.

This unique combination forms the powerful basis of my approach, with which I guide others in achieving their personal health goals. My mission is to inspire and motivate others to reach their full potential.

Choose your vitality

I help you embrace a lifestyle with healthy habits that are practical and achievable.

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