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Learn how to achieve your health goals by making better lifestyle choices

Embrace a lifestyle with healthy habits that suit your personal situation

Realistic goals and achievable changes


Make better choices that are best for you at that moment


Discover what gives you energy and what costs you energy


Learn to celebrate successes and overcome setbacks

(Re)find the balance

During my time as a top athlete, my goals were clear. This period was followed by a journey of discovery towards balance in life, in which I developed self-insight and learned the importance of achievable goals, lifestyle choices and stress management.


Daily choices influence our resilience and taxability. If you have a goal in mind or want to change your lifestyle, it is crucial to start with the current situation. You must formulate your goal so clearly that you want to go for it 100%. Then it's important that you make choices that match your intended goal and give you the energy you need to move towards it.


The changes should be challenging, but not so stressful or resistant that they overwhelm you. Realistic goals and achievable changes, combined with effective stress management, are essential for lasting change.


"The habit of healthy choices gives you energy"


Formulate your health goals & motivation crystal clear


Get insight into your current habits, the good and the not so good


Reflect on the new choices you make


New healthy habits and better lifestyle choices


Ready for change?

Then this is the personal 1-on-1 program you are looking for!

I help you with what you want to be successful in. We work towards a balanced life with complete nutrition, optimal exercise and stress management.

You discover your personal balance in physical and mental health

You will learn how to set goals, but also how to persevere when things get difficult... because that is necessary to achieve success

& I am here to guide you in this!


This is what you can expect:

  • Free online intake, then you decide whether you want to start the process

  • An analysis of your current lifestyle & habits

  • 4 online coaching sessions in which we discuss your progress

  • Extra contact moments when you need that support

  • Reference work of the program

Everything you want to know about your personal 1-on-1 journey

Are you ready to discover your full potential? Do you want more physical strength and mental resilience?

Before the program

FREE intake

We get to know each other personally during an online video call. We determine what your health goal is, what your motivation for this is and we discuss how this program will take you there. You'll get a taste of who will be by your side, ready to guide you through all the ups and downs.

After this conversation you will know

  1. How this program helps you achieve your personal health goal

  2. Who your sparring partner is during this process

  3. Whether there is a match

Your investment for this intake

Only time, this conversation is free and without obligation

During the program


You will receive an online document and handy note in which you can keep your nutrition and lifestyle diary. You get access to your personal environment, which contains all valuable information such as advice and conversation reports.

Coaching session 1

The start of your personal guidance for creating new healthy habits. We discuss your current diet and lifestyle pattern. You will receive practical advice and tools to find daily routines that work for you. We make concrete plans to bring you closer to your goal. From this moment on, the program takes 3 to 4 months.

Coaching session 2 & 3

We discuss progress towards your health goals. We discuss what works and adjust the approach if necessary. You learn to recognize your own behavior and reflect on it. Everything to create daily routines that work for you and bring you closer to your goal.

Coaching session 4

Just like with coaching session 2 & 3, we discuss your progress. We evaluate the tools and insights you have gained during this process. After this coaching conversation, you will receive a tailor-made document with tips and advice to maintain your daily routines and healthy habits.

After the program

You have the tools and insights to achieve your (future) health goals & a life full of energy, balance and vitality.

This causes 3 important changes:

  1. A more energetic body that functions better

  2. A mind that is clearer and better able to deal with stress

  3. A deeper sense of satisfaction and balance in your daily life

Ready to take your first step?

Complete the contact form below and schedule your free intake interview today!

Would you like to know more about me first? Read the story about my personal health journey here .

Choose your vitality &
achieve your health goals

I help you embrace a lifestyle with healthy habits that are practical and achievable.


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