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Become physically stronger and mentally more balanced

Choose a training method that suits your personal situation & your goals

A workout for your body and mind


Work on your fitness and strength


Experience stress reduction


Gain more self-confidence

Guidance from a former top athlete

As a former top athlete and martial artist, I have completed a whole course of training methods full of kicks, punches and victories. I now convey my passion for martial arts in my lessons, where I guide adults and children to their own victories with a dose of energy.


My background as a top athlete not only gives me the technical skills, but also the drive to inspire and motivate others, so that they too can get the best out of themselves, both during and outside of training.


With a sharp eye for detail and a heart full of enthusiasm, I create an environment in which everyone feels welcome and is encouraged to grow.


By sharing my own personal journey, including the ups and downs, I want to show my students that success depends not only on talent, but above all on perseverance, resilience and belief in yourself.


The training methods I offer


1 on 1 training

A tailor-made program, tailored to your individual needs and goals.


A personal approach, targeted feedback and maximum attention, which significantly increases the chance of success and progress.


Duo training

Experience the benefits of personal guidance, while also experiencing the motivation and support of a training partner.


A stimulating environment in which you and your partner can encourage, challenge and hold each other accountable.


Group training

An energetic and motivating environment in which you train with others. This promotes a sense of community, support and social interaction, while you benefit from professional guidance and varied workouts.

Choose your vitality &
achieve your health goals

I help you embrace a lifestyle with healthy habits that are practical and achievable.

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