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Discover how to achieve your health goals & develop lasting healthy habits

Make choices that bring you closer to you
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Hello! I am Manon, the force behind Tu Vida Vital, which means 'your vital life' in Spanish. 🇪🇸

Do you have a health goal in mind, but are you having difficulty making the choices that bring you closer to this goal? Or do you struggle with breaking bad habits?


I understand the challenges that come with striving for a healthier life. As a former top athlete, I know better than anyone how important it is to find the right balance between nutrition, exercise and mental strength.


With my expertise in nutritional advice and personal coaching, we work together to overcome obstacles and achieve your health goals.

The result? You won't just learn how to create healthy habits. You will also experience a feeling of vibrancy like never before because you are physically strong and mentally focused.

What I can help you with

Whole food nutrition

  • A diet with more fresh, pure and unprocessed products

  • Balanced portion sizes

  • Variety and simplicity

Optimal movement

  • Balance between effort and relaxation

  • More energy

  • Physical strength and mental focus

Stress management

  • Recognizing stress signals and dealing with them

  • Better productivity

  • More satisfaction and contentment

Healthy & complete food

Learn to round flavors in a simple way

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Spelled sandwich with egg salad_edited.jpg
Tortilla with mix of vegetables & tofu_edi

About me

I am your nutritional advisor and motivation coach if you are looking for real change

As a former top athlete, I know what it's like to set goals and work towards them. Martial arts have taught me many life lessons. I have a passion for whole food and when I'm not in the kitchen or in the supermarket, I still enjoy exercising.

With my personal knowledge and experience in the field of health, I help others set realistic health goals and create healthy habits. In short, a more vital life!


Attention to physical and mental health

With a lot of stress or a negative attitude, you can still have a healthy lifestyle, but you will never feel completely vital. That is why stress management is so important. On the other hand, lifestyle should not be underestimated, because nutrition is the fuel for your body and mind. And movement literally makes you go somewhere.


A vital life revolves around a balance between complete nutrition, optimal exercise, and stress management. This will help you achieve your health goals. It is not just about a sum of healthy choices, but about embracing the process and creating healthy habits.


Do you want to take the first step towards your vital life?

Leave your details and I will contact you as soon as possible

Congratulations on taking your first step!

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